JEFFREY MARK COLLECTION-Vintage Typewriter Key Bracelet


Style/Size: Unisex Bracelet
Color: Varies (No two alike)


  • One size fits most
  • Original vintage 1950's typewriter keys
  • Exclusively produced for Jeffrey Mark
  • Perfectly suited for both Women and Men 
  • Truly unique with no two being identically produced (10 variations~only ONE piece available in each) 
  • Two size keys available (1/2" Small round and 3/4" Large round)
  • Finished length 7-1/2"
  • Locking clasps on all

While catching up with one of our vintage dealers in Washington State, we brainstormed the idea of using vintage typewriter keys to create something cool and unique. Quite to our surprise, our suppliers daughter (Jess) just so happened to be a jewelry designer. Jess quickly joined the conversation, wrapped her head around the concept, and within a few weeks shipped off 10 variations of her exceptional work. These types of collaborations are one of the aspects of our job we enjoy most. Although small in scope, and limited in quantity, these types of products, conceived from simple ideas and brought to fruition by exceptional artisans, keep us looking forward and excited about the future.