SNOW PEAK-Mola Headlamp (Wine)

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Style/Size: Mola Headlamp / O/S
Color(s): Featured color Wine (see dropdown menu for additional colors)

  • Pull the dial out on the side of the headlamp to allow automatic adjustment of the beam angle; push the dial in to lock the lens in a specific position
  • Choose from high, low or strobe modes to meet your lighting needs; you can also activate dimmer mode to choose any output between 10 - 110 lumens
  • Headlamp outputs 110 lumens on high and throws a beam up to 40m; outputs 10 lumens on low and throws a beam 10m
  • Use the strobe? to signal for help
  • 2 AAA alkaline batteries (included) provide 45 hrs. of use on high, 80 hrs. of use on low and 160 hrs. in strobe mode
  • Low battery indicator blinks red when the batteries need to be replaced
  • The Snow Peak Mola Headlamp has IPX4 water-resistant construction that delivers reliability in light rain showers

The Snow Peak Mola Headlamp has an innovative lens design that follows the vertical angle of your eyes when you move your head up and down to ensure the light is aimed right where you need it. Ideal for outdoor nighttime activities and a must have for any DIY'er.