LEVI'S VINTAGE CLOTHING (LVC)-1937 501xx Banner Jean-Limited Edition

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Finish: Raw / Unwashed
Model/Style #: 501xx® 1937 Buckle Back - Limited Edition

  • 100%, 14oz Redline Cone Mills selvedge denim
  • Raw & Unwashed
  • First “two horse” leather patch
  • Big "E" label
  • Exposed front brass rivets, concealed rear 
  • Double needle arcuate
  • Crotch rivet
  • Cinch back
  • All over graphic print
  • Archival 1937 501xx model
  • Limited Edition with no two alike

Levi's® Vintage Clothing, a meticulously crafted collection of authentic reproductions based on garments in the Levi's® archive and finished with faithfully reproduced details.
In 1937, Levi’s® displayed large banners advertising the hidden rivets that replaced the exposed copper rivets on all 501 jeans at the time. This was in response to complaints of the exposed rivets damaging customers furniture.
These silk-screened banners have been used to create the base fabric for this limited edition I937 501® Jean. Every panel is cut at random giving each pair a one of a kind look while still retaining all the original details of the 1937 501 Jean. The Banner Jean is made of raw unwashed 14oz redline Cone Mills Denim and feature the first “two horse” leather patch, exposed front brass rivets, concealed rear rivets, double needle arcuate, big "E" label, crotch rivet, cinch back, and all over one of kind graphic print.

Sample Measurement (32x32): 16" Waist, 12-1/2" Rise, 11-1/2" Thigh, 32" Inseam, 8-1/2 Bottom Hem