INDUSTRY OF ALL NATIONS-Hand Knit Sweater (Navy)

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Style: L/S Crew
Color: Navy (additional colors available)


  • Hand Knit 
  • 100% Alpaca
  • Long Sleeve
  • Raglan Shoulder
  • Crew Neck
  • Ribbed Cuff & Bottom
  • Front & back pattern
  • Classic fit

Industry of All Nations works with a cooperative in La Paz, Bolivia. The company focuses on the creation of finished products manufactured with natural fibers indigenous to Bolivia. Although the knit patterns are historical in nature to the Bolivian's, we found them remarkably similar to some our most coveted 50's vintage ski sweaters.

A bit about the fabric: Alpaca is a hypo-allergenic fiber native to the highlands of Bolivia and Peru. It comes in a myriad of natural colors including soft neutrals of greys, blacks, tobaccos, beige and white. Being a hollow core fiber, Alpaca acts as an effective thermal insulator while allowing the body to breathe beneath the garment.

These limited edition pieces are produced entirely by hand by local Bolivian artisans with generations of knitting experience. The patterns represent traditional Bolivian culture steeped hundreds of years in history.

Measurements (chest sizes):(Small) 19.5"/48cm, (Medium) 20.5"/52cm, (Large) 21.5"/56cm, (X-Large) 22.5"/60cm