HANG TEN GOLD-Nata Windbreaker (Navy/Red)

$149.00 $245.00

Model/Style: 70's Nata Windbreaker
Color: Navy / Bandana Red


  • Vintage wash for superior comfort
  • 100% Cotton Jersey lining
  • Bi-color exterior shell...74% Cotton + 24% Nylon 
  • Heavy cotton cord for hood closure waist cinch
  • Two side-entry pockets
  • Knit sleeve cuff
  • Zip front
  • Original Hang Ten sleeve patch
  • A remarkably comfortable all-season classic jacket

HANG TEN GOLD; OK, let's first begin by admitting that Hang Ten Gold is a very small piece, and we do mean bite size piece, of a billion dollar pie. Under normal circumstances corporately driven collections would not be our first choice in pie's. With the pie metaphor behind us, let's move on to the facts. It's our mission at Jeffrey Mark to seek out exceptional product that lends itself to our aesthetic and helps further define our point of view. The few pieces we unearthed here, strictly because we never leave a stone unturned while in search of great product, are truly treasures! Inspired and executed to perfection, these 1960's California surf inspired pieces are some of the best we've ever seen.


Size Chart: Small= 23" Chest, 32" Sleeve Length Med= 24" Chest, 33" Sleeve Length Lg= 24.7" Chest, 34" Sleeve Length