GENDARME-Spray Cologne (2, 4, & 10 oz)


Size: 2, 4 & 10 oz Spray Cologne
Color: N/A


  • The Gendarme fragrance was created in 1983 by Topper Schroeder, who wanted a signature scent that wouldn’t irritate his allergies. What he created was a sensual yet professional cologne that caught everyone’s attention. Just a few sprays and everyone around you will take notice of the crisp, clean, fresh scent and be drawn in to you just a little bit closer and for just a little bit longer. Ready for anything. Armed with your confidence and the crisp, clean scent of Gendarme, you are poised to tackle any obstacle that comes your way. Simply put, the Gendarme fragrance is like nothing else you will find in today's market. Jeffrey Mark is an authorized distributor of all Gendarme products.