LEVI'S VINTAGE CLOTHING (LVC)-1966 501xx Customized-Silver Rebel

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Finish: Light Wash / Aggressive Vintage Finish
Model/Style #: 501xx® 1966 Customized - Silver Rebel

  • Cone Mills 12oz Red Selvedge denim (14oz post wash)
  • Heavily worn and washed
  • Irregular cracks and paint stains all over
  • Damaged thigh and knee on both legs
  • Chambray patches
  • Heavy contrasting equity finish
  • Two-back pockets with bar tacks instead of rivets
  • “Two Horse” leather-like patch
  • Twin needle shallow Arcuate
  • Double sided big “E” Red Tab
  • Limited Edition

The 1966 501® Jean has been heavily worn and washed. It has irregular cracks all over, and irregular paint stains. The jean is damaged on the thigh and knee area on both legs. These damages are patched with chambray fabric and feature a heavy contrasting equity finish.

In 1971, the name “LEVI’S®” on the double-sided Red Tab would change to read “Levi’s®”, making the 501® Jean of the late 1960s the only ones with bar tacks and a big “E” Tab. Which means that a guy who hitchhiked his way to San Francisco in early 1967 and brought a pair of 501® Jeans was not only experiencing a once- in-a-lifetime event, but was wearing a unique pair of jeans; a pair which would change again when the Summer of Love was just a faded memory.

The 1966 501® Jean represents a snapshot in time. This style – bar tack instead of rivets, big “E” Red Tab – only existed from 1966 to 1971, just a blink of the eye in a very long life of the original and definitive blue jean. When the back pocket rivets were covered in 1937, everyone thought that would solve the furniture-scratching problem. But those rivets were tougher than they looked, and after a few years of hard wear they just wore right through the denim, scratching things up again. By 1966 technology had caught up with history and it was possible to bar tack the pockets so that they were as sturdy as they had been in their work wear days.

Sample Measurement (32x32): 16" Waist, 11" Rise, 15.7" Thigh, 32" Inseam, 6.5 Bottom Opening