ˈw ə r k r o͝ o m by JEFFREY MARK-Vintage Rose Scarf (Tea Stained)

$84.25 $125.00

Style/Size: Vintage Rose Scarf / One Size
Color: Tea Stained


  • 100% Viscose
  • Hand made
  • Wonderfully soft to the touch
  • Great volume
  • Vintage color range
  • Exclusive to Jeffrey Mark
  • Approximate size: 58" x 52" 
  • Ideal for both Men & Women
  • Made in Italy

Produced in Italy exclusively for JeffreyMarkDesign.com! Each scarf is hand made, hand dyed, and completely finished by hand. Much time was spent in developing a color palette reminiscent of vintage tea-stained fabrics we've collected for years. We're also sticklers for scarves with volume and were sure these fit the bill before making them available on our site.