THE 501xx Book-A Collection of Vintage Jeans

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Produced by: Yutaka Fujihara
Printed in Japan by World Photo Press 2015


  • Hardcover
  • By:Yutaka Fujihara
  • Printed & distributed exclusively in Japan
  • Inside text printed in both Japanese & English
  • Considered the holy grail of vintage Levi’s 

    The 501XX book is beautifully presented, with full length front and back shots, incredible detail photos of rivets, back buckles and pockets as it takes you thoroughly through the details and features as well as the evolution and changes that made up these early denim jeans. Yutaka Fujihara has used 51 of the worlds most impressive examples to bring to life the gradual design development of what we now know as the worlds most famous jean from variations in pocket linings, to red tab variations, and waistband constructions, everything is carefully documented within the pages. These books are extremely rare as they were produced in limited quantities and distributed exclusively in Japan. Inside text is printed in both English and Japanese.